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The Ultra Pacer

The Ultra Pacer By Nat Lincoln Image © carballo / Fotolia Here we are. Two weeks out from The Pacing. In the past couple of days this has gotten real. A slightly different vibe has hummed into the Nat and Jill show; there has been a flurry of [click image for more]

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  • Weight Training
    Key Weight Training Mistakes By Will Lind Image © Will Lind / Functional Running Based purely on what I read on the internet (which makes the next claim pretty gosh darn conclusive), weight training for runners is fast growing in popularity. I’m seeing a barrage of programs and approaches blasting out across the internet space.  I’ve spent the past 12 years or so weight lifting for [click image for more]

Mad Science

  • ice baths for runners
    Scissors, Paper, Ice Bath By Kieran Thomas Image © lzf / Dollar Photo Club Debate rages over the most efficient and accessible recovery methods out there. From regular foam rolling, afternoon naps, compression tights, and now even portable electrical nerve stimulation machine (TENS machines); the market is hot for the next edge in recovery. The humble ice bath still ranks as a high favorite and [click image for more]

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  • Trail Running
    Making the Switch to Trail Running By Paul Towers Image © studioculo / Fotolia When I first started running I just pounded the pavement. It was convenient. It was easy. I could just throw on my shoes without any worry about where I was going to run or how to get there. One day though I made the jump. I went and ran on a trail and boy had I been missing out! Running on a trail, no matter where it [click image for more]


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  • Streaking
    A Run a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Interviewer: Will Lind | Interviewee: Jody Fischer Image © blas / Dollar Photo Club Streaking is a favoured Australian running tradition usually reserved for cricket pitches, bucks parties and footy grand finals. If getting drunk and nuding up is what you need to [click image for more]


  • Cadence
    Running Cadence: The Missed Point By David Stroud Image © Prazis / Fotolia With the emergence of smart watches able to monitor a plethora of data relevant for runners far beyond just distance and time comes the ability to track and work on other facets of our run; in particular cadence. Despite [click image for more]