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Functional Running – Running: Way of Life

Functional Running is an online magazine dedicated to upskilling, inspiring and educating runners of all types. We insist on maintain our character and personality, and we strive to inspire and motivate.

The original concept was a simple blog founded in 2014 as a creative outlet for two fitness advocating run lovers.

The mission here at Functional Running is to facilitate the creation of complete runners – runners who are capable and confident running all terrains and all styles, whether they choose to or not. Our definition of complete running goes far beyond the run itself. It’s a lifestyle approach to running that includes all facets of athleticism, nutrition and eating for health and longevity and we don’t shy away from the spirit, heart and mindset that rounds out the bigger picture.

Isn’t running already functional? Nope, not really. Sports Medicine Australia tells us that, “Up to 70% of recreational and competitive runners sustain overuse injuries during any 12-month period”. Such a damning statistic tells us that although the concept of running is functional the reality is anything but. Functional Running is about building confidence and growing confidence and we believe the more well rounded you are as a human, the stronger your running will be.

That’s why at Functional Running you’ll read about so much more that running, from breaking down a pistol squat, to experimenting with a new stretch or making quirks and running lifestyle nuances.

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The Seven Core Goals of Functional Running

  1. To improve the run experience of all runners.
  2. To liberate frustrated runners, running hopefuls and ‘non’ runners alike in all their run experiences by educating and guiding all runners to a Functional Run.
  3. To educate to improve training approaches while instilling the instinctive, basic joy that comes with running well, no matter the speed or distance.
  4. To facilitate progress for experienced runners towards their performance or advanced participation running goals.
  5. To facilitate discussion and robust debate on all aspects of running.
  6. No one is discriminated against. Functional Running is at the heart of all running for all runners, even people who don’t classify themselves as runners yet.
  7. To prove that running is not dangerous, and to show ‘non runners’ everywhere that they can run, they can run well and they can achieve the running goals they’ve always dreamed about.