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Functional Running is always open to contributions. Your piece will be screened and must pass editorial guidelines on quality, appropriateness, length and relevancy.

Contributor Guidelines

Functional Running reserves the right to reject or refuse to publish any articles for any reason whatsoever. We make no representation that if you email or submit an article or story that it will be published online.

In general, articles on Functional Running are between 400 and 800 words. Write clearly and concisely, and stick to a single point. Use headlines where appropriate. If you include images you must have clear written permission from the photographer that your image can be uploaded and published online with your article on the Functional Running website. If the photographer makes any restrictions or caveats on the use of their image you must forward this information to Functional Running. Functional Running makes the final call as to whether an image will be published with the story.

Functional Running does not buy contributions or pay contributors.

All contributions or requests for further information about contributions can be emailed to Please allow 48 hours for a response before following up on your initial email.