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Do: The Seated Kettlebell Bottoms Up Press

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Do: The Seated Kettlebell Bottoms Up Press
By Will Lind

The Seated Kettlebell Bottoms Up Press is one humbling exercise. Without the hips and legs to assist, there’s no faking or muscling your way through it. If you want to target strictly the upper body for stability and strength, which will help with posture and form maintenance, you’re gonna want to have a crack. You’ll feel this one fire up your core in deep and meaningful ways.

If you don’t have a kettlebell, try a dumbbell held on its end.

Be prepared to start light, and stay light, as you nail this one. There’s a risk of dropping the bell if your hand gets sweaty or weakens suddenly, so stay sensible.


1. If must sit with your pelvis aligned (level from front to back and side to side), this isn’t yet for you. Without that alignment your spine won’t be stacked and any bracing through the core will be off.

2. No arching through the lower back. Shoulders wide, down and rotated out, not rounded in. Top of the skull drawn up the sky and set the chin back, not tucked.

3. Legs can be straight (requires more stability and flexibility), spread wider (less stability and flexibility required), or with knees bent (easier again).

4. Hold the Kettlebell by the handle firmly in front of the shoulder.

5. Press firmly and steadily upwards, maintaining sufficient activation through the midsection to maintain a stable position.

6. No rocking, throwing or pulsing to get the sucker up.

7. Don’t put your other hand on the ground for stability.

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