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Emergency Foam Roller

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Emergency Foam Roller
By Will Lind
Images © Will Lind / Functional Running

My wife and I were away for a few short nights staying in a hotel and hadn’t really planned for injuries. Wifey, who loves her fitness but is not a regular runner, had enjoyed a pre-getaway late-in-the week splurge of running. She was rightly pleased, but paid the price for the sudden increase with severe Achilles pain. Usually some time off her feet wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. However, we’d taken the time away to attend a wedding and had our hopes set high for some dancing time.

Just as if we were a day out from a race and desperate to come to fore, we went into emergency recovery mode. As part of the rehab strategem I wanted her to use a foam roller to ease some gunked up, aching muscles in her upper and lower legs. A great idea if we had one.

I went all Bear Grylls on the situation and whipped up an emergency foam roller that worked an absolute treat. Much tightness was eased, muscles relaxed and inflammation settled. Dancing was had the next night and there were smiles all round.

This isn’t rocket science and I don’t claim any brilliance here. What you have is a handy idea if you’re ever in need. To put together the makeshift roller I used a drink bottle (you could always freeze a store bought plastic water bottle), the hotel towel and my running belt (Spibelt, I love ’em). You could use a jumper or pillow case in place of the towel and any belt, piece of cord or string to wrap it up with.

Wrap bottle in towel. Wrap all with Spibelt. Clip Spibelt together. Voila!

Will Lind
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