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Mighty Rules for Conquering Monstrous Mountains


Critical Mountain Running Technique Cues
By Will Lind
Image © ocwo / Dollar Photo Club

Are you struggling to figure out the secrets of mountain running? Perhaps the advice you’ve been reading has been directing you to the wrong methodology. If the hills are your Achilles heel, it’s time to try a fresh approach.

1. Keep your your chin stern and assert resolve with a flinty gaze in the eye.

2. Your eyes, keep pasted to the path just ahead. Much anguish awaits you and to see this is to risk spiritual wavering.

3. Accept, but never submit, to the rule of the mountain and the passing of time.

4. In your heart, stay true to your promise to conquer. Stride on whatever may come.

5. Across your torso be tall, fluid yet firm, like the cobra snake assured by the knowledge of it’s own potency.

6. Your legs like pistons, relentlessly influenced by the power plant that is your hips. Play a constant rhythm.

7. Feet, allow only the lightest of touch so as not to attract the mountain’s crushing attention.

8. Have the patience and resilience of a warrior monk with a powerful poetry humming through your veins.

9. At the summit pay respect for the mountain. A quiet awe and a peaceful moment will suffice.

10. Your descent is chaos contained, directed by sheer will and courage. Paint your downward flight with your own colour and character. The mountain shares your glee.

Will Lind
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